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What should be in your child’s lunchbox?

What should be in your child’s lunchbox?

Lunch is an important meal. Without a nutritious top-up, your child’s energy levels could drop off and fade – as opposed to them being their best at homework or after school activities. So, whether it is soccer, netball, ballet or piano lessons, make sure they shine!

The sandwich

Kids need carbohydrates for energy. And a good sandwich will ensure that they are well stoked for the fun and games they can enjoy during the rest of the day. First, make sure the bread is well spread with a great tasting Rama margarine. The nine vitamins and omega 3 contained in the delicious spread will go a long way to ensuring that your child enjoys balanced nutrients.

For fillings, think savoury – pilchards, chopped onion and mayo, cheese and tomato, or – better yet – any leftovers from last night’s meal. Ever had a chicken breast or bobotie sandwich? It is equally as delicious as it is filling!

The vegetable

Any crunchy fresh veg will do, but carrots and cucumbers sliced longways, a few fresh cherry tomatoes and even snap peas would be a great place to start. If the kids pull up their noses to these healthy treats, it may be an idea to include a dollop of rich and creamy mayonnaise in its own, small container.

The fruit

Try to either avoid messy fruits such as mangoes and paw paws or cut them up in pieces small enough to be eaten by hand. And preferably peel and segment oranges and naartjies for ease of handling.

For this reason, dried fruits, apples and pears remain the kings and queens of lunchbox treats!

Now go nuts

Nuts can be quite pricey, but they box way above their weight in nutritional terms. Look out for bargains at fruit and nut stores or fall back on the old favourite – the groundnut, or ever faithful peanut. This way you’ll ensure that your kids receive more of the essential oils that they need for healthy brain and body development.

A well packed lunchbox is more than just a food parcel. It is a real symbol of love and care – and one for which your children will surely thank you in the years to come.


Tip: If they’re writing exams or have a big match coming up, there’s nothing better than finding an encouraging note in a well-stocked lunchbox!


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