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Staying in Balance

The Basics of a Healthy Diet


The easiest way to eat a healthy diet is through variety; making sure you get a little bit of everything. From vegetables to red and white meat, salad and even fruit, it’s really important that you enjoy all the major food groups if you’re going to get all the vitamins and nutrients your family needs. Here are our top tips on getting a balanced diet:


Tip 1: Plan ahead

To make sure that you provide your family with only the healthiest diet, the first thing you need to do is plan ahead by creating a weekly meal plan. This does two things: Firstly, doing so on Sunday takes the weight off of your back for the rest of the week. You know what you’re going to cook, so you know what you have to buy. And secondly, you can plan the healthiest meals possible.


Tip 2: Think in Benefits

As you look at the food on store shelves, think about whether it’s good or bad for you. By doing so, you’ll very quickly be able to identify what you should and shouldn’t buy. Always read the nutritional tables on the back of the packaging to make sure you know exactly what goes into each product.


Tip 3: Commit, Don’t Quit

When you’re ready to change your diet you need to really commit to the decision. Even if you do face a little family backlash, you need to remain resolute – remember you are doing the right thing. The primary foods you rely on define your health and those are what you need to change if your diet is going to be healthier.


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