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Meal planning tips every busy mom should know

Meal planning tips every busy mom should know

  • Have the kids brushed their teeth? Check!
  • Have they completed their homework? Check!
  • Have you decided what to cook for dinner? Oops!

Busy mothers know how some days juggling work and preparing meals can be difficult. But, with a sound strategy in place, you will have spare time to do other things, like reading a book or spending quality time with loved ones - instead of stressing about what to cook! However, nutritious meals should never be compromised – we understand that busy moms need a convenient solution to their meal planning, especially on the days when they don’t know what to cook. Read these tips below to make planning your meals easier:

Get help

You may be a super-mom that multi-tasks as she gets around the house, but sometimes you need a break – yes, even from thinking! How about allowing your family to give their input about dinner? For example, if you only have chicken in the freezer, let them choose whether to roast it or making a delicious curry - or even add it to a crispy salad. The more heads you put together, the more options you will have. Allowing everyone else to help will make the task so much easier.

Reuse leftovers

Use any leftover mince after you’ve made scrumptious beef meatballs  and make a delicious cottage pie. Or, if have some fried chicken left, use leftovers the following day to create chicken and mayo sandwiches. Get creative and you won’t ever have to deal with food going to waste.

Cook in advance

If you have some free time on the weekend, cook a meal ahead of time and freeze it for later in the week. So, if you get home during the week and are too tired to cook, you’ll have a frozen meal to reheat in the microwave. Your family will have a yummy home-made meal within minutes. A creamy butter chicken freezes well and may even taste better once re-heated.

Buy non-perishables

Canned foods are also easy to create meals with and are generally much cheaper than frozen food. Add canned fish and vegetables to your grocery list so that when you cook during the week, you can quickly get together some ingredients to fill hungry tummies. If you decide to make curried canned fish, serve it with Rama creamy pap  to make your meals stretch even further.

With just the right ideas in place, you don’t have to worry about what to cook or have to spend hours in the kitchen after a long day. For more ideas on what to cook, have a look at the Rama recipes section.