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DIY gift ideas for teacher

DIY gift ideas for teacher

Mum, it’s the end of the year and your child has made his or her way through the year - with the help of their teacher, of course. Perhaps they were awarded a gold star for doing their homework or being the sweetest person in class? Or maybe they received a thumbs up from the headmistress after hearing what they would like to do when they are a grown up?

If you are grateful for the teachers in your child’s life, now would be the perfect time to show your appreciation. A gift from the heart will go a long way to making them happy - and at the same time, could present a wonderful opportunity to get creative with your little one.

Here are a few ideas:

A letter of love

A heartfelt letter written by your child is enough to make anyone’s heart melt. Ask them what they like about their teacher and what they’d like to say to their teacher and let them put it into words. A sweet message accompanied by a cute drawing of your little one with their teacher will make the gift extra special.

I spy with my little eye, something beginning with a “p”

Photo! A photo of your child sitting with their favourite teacher will last a lifetime. This way, the two of them will always have something to remember each other by, no matter how many years later. Grab a photo of the two of them together on your cellphone, print it and put it in a cute frame. Or find a DIY photo frame you can make with your child. We’re pretty sure the teacher will love it!

Something sweet

You can never go wrong with delicious cookies to be dunked in a cup of tea. It’s also a nice way to say, “These cookies are sweet, but you are sweeter!” Try the ultimate cookie recipe made from the best Rama margarine that is a guaranteed win!


Mark it…bookmark it!

There are many cool bookmarks online. Print and cut out. Teachers always have to bookmark, so a sturdy bookmark should come in handy. Especially if it’s personalised. Add the special touch to it by including a piece of old jewellery or a colourful ribbon and you’re sorted!

Creating fun DIY gifts for a teacher will help your child learn the importance of showing gratitude. Involve them in the planning and creation process and they’ll be super excited to share their handmade gift with their favourite teacher.