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Cooking Together

Meals to make with your kids

Food has a unique relationship with families. It brings everyone together, helps us open our hearts and convinces us to spend quality time with one another. Home-cooked meals always make us think of comfort and are usually one of the reasons why we feel homesick when we’re away. So here are four fun meals to make at home with your kids that will always make them think of you:

Ol’ Faithfull

Possibly the first meal any parent teaches their child to make is scrambled eggs and we recommend you teach it to yours too. It has all the basics a kid needs to learn: cracking eggs, whisking, stirring, patience, timing, and some seasoning. It’s also great fun watching our little ones learn how to handle eggs, so make sure you have a few extra on standby and a cloth or two to wipe up the mess.

A Pita Party

Another dish you can teach your kids to make is the pita pizza. Really easy to make and clean up, all it takes is pitas, grated cheese, tomato sauce (tinned), an oven and some toppings. Once you have the toppings you want, heat the pitas with sauce and cheese on them, then add the toppings and heat them again.

Le French Bread

Almost a pizza itself, French breads are open sandwiches covered in delicious toppings and heated in the oven. Slice the bread in half, load it with toppings and pop it in the oven. Remember to put cheese on before you add your toppings and just as you’re about to pop it into the oven, to make sure none of the tasty toppings escape when you take a bite.

Super Soup

A delicious meal and style of food that will keep your kids grateful for the lesson you’ve taught them for the rest of their lives, soup is a spectacular meal to have in your bag of tricks. Obviously you will need to keep an eye on your youngster while they help – yes, help – you make this meal, but you can always leave the fun parts to them (like whizzing up the tomatoes) so that you can take care of the serious stuff. Add a little bit of RAMA spread to any of these dishes, cook with it or add it on your meal to add a helping of essential Omega-3 and 9 vitamins to each of these meals.