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Feeding your child a healthy, balanced diet is the first step in building a successful young person.

Breakfast gets the body ready to take on the day, fuels growth and powers the brain. So, it’s important to give your kids what they need to have a productive day.

Remember, kids see what their parents do and copy them. If you don’t eat breakfast, it’s likely your kids also won’t see the need to do so. A balanced, nutritional breakfast is an essential part of any growing child’s day (and adults too!) and will ensure that they have the energy and vitality to keep up productivity throughout.

Scroll through our Breakfast Carousel to learn about good breakfast foods, which are low in added sugar, but high in wholegrains, fibre, and protein.

TIP: Try to change up your breakfast meal every so often to keep your kids eating. Maybe give them the choice of choosing breakfast on a certain day of the week.