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Breaking Bread Together

The importance of eating as a family

Eating as a family is one of the oldest traditions in the world. Since the dawn of families, parents, children and partners, we have embraced this special time and bond with our family. It gives us the chance to really sit down and share our day, come together and grow as a unit. Here are four ways for you to make family dinners happen as often as possible:

Tip 1: Cook Delicious Meals

This may seem obvious, but not all parents make the link between great food and great family time. A great meal is something to look forward to; an occasion to plan your life around. Trust us: nobody is going to turn down roast chicken with seasonal vegetables for dinner and malva pudding for dessert.

Tip 2: Set a Date

Sometimes it takes some motherly management skills for your family to commit to family dinner. So setting a regular (weekly) time and place that is convenient for everyone is an easy way to make it happen. If your family knows that every Sunday is family dinner day, the chances of them showing up will greatly improve.

Tip 3: Bring Brain Food

A big part of family dinner is the chance to chat and engage with your kids and is also the perfect time to talk about interesting topics together. Try finding an interesting topic to discuss at each gathering to make the meal more memorable. As you feed their brains they’ll be even more inquisitive and excited for dinner time.

Tip 4: Introduce New Recipes

Mix up your meal plan. Introduce your family to delicious new meals and vegetables whenever you can, to help them develop a healthy appreciation for all types of food.