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Unwrapping Nutrition

The Importance of a Healthy Diet

For children to grow into healthy, happy humans they need a few important food groups in their weekly diet. Important foods such as, protein, fruit, vegetables, grains, dairy and a little bit of fat are essential for their wellbeing. All of these are vital to the growth and development of kids (and young adults). 

Now, there’s no specific formula to follow when it comes to making sure they get all of the above, but there are a few insightful guidelines. So we’ve prepared some below, have a look. 

1) Pick Your Protein 

To make sure your younger family members eat enough protein, don’t initially introduce them to ‘risky’ foods like salmon or broccoli. Sometimes the look and smell puts them off. Instead, go for lean meat (chicken) or friendly-looking food you know kids enjoy. 

2) Befriend the Fruit 

Fresh fruit can be hugely beneficial to young children, but fruit juice? Not so much. Usually loaded with additional sugar, it simply doesn’t replace healthy, wholesome fruit. Try to include at least one fruit a day in your kid’s diet. 

3) Vegi-power! 

Vegetables make every mom’s pursuit of a healthy diet for their child, that much easier. Try introducing your kids to a range of veggies to give them a healthy helping of nutrients and vitamins. 

Fun fact: different coloured vegetables (and fruit) offer different vitamins and minerals. 

4) Great Grains 

Refined grains have come under fire recently, as we learn more and more about their effect on the human body. Try to serve your kids whole grains like wild rice instead. These are much healthier for them than refined grains. 

5) Hello, Calcium 

Dairy is the number one source of calcium for kids, and specifically what they need to grow healthy bones and teeth. Encourage your kids to have milk, yogurt, and cheese to increase their calcium intake.