Rama Spread | The Brilliance of Breakfast

The Brilliance of Breakfast

Understanding Morning Eating

Breakfast is renowned for being the most important meal of the day. But, do you know why it’s such a necessary meal? If you don’t (even if you do) we’ve put together an essential list of reasons why breakfast is such a big deal, so you understand exactly what makes it so important. Read on to discover them all.

It’s a Brain Booster

A big benefit of eating in the early hours of your day – around two hours after you wake – is the delicious glucose boost your brain gets. Glucose is an essential carbohydrate and the brain’s main source of energy.

It Gets Kids Growing

Children may not need to eat as much as adults, but they need all the energy they can get while they’re still growing and breakfast is the first step to making sure they get what their body’s craving. With a regular nutritious breakfast, your children will be able to grow just as nature intends them to.

Hunger Control

A nourishing breakfast fills you up, right to the brim! It gives your body everything it needs to prevent you from snacking all day; one of the main reasons for unwanted weight gain. With a good breakfast as the foundation of your day it’s highly likely that you won’t eat as much, and will feel even better.

It Helps You Bond

Early morning family meals are a great way for you to catch up with your family. With everyone around one table you can catch up with all of your loved ones and bond before they head out into the world of work and school. It’s a real family affair, with big benefits in the way it brings you together.

Your Daily Dose

A good breakfast can essentially keep you energised throughout the day, especially when you have a healthy dose of original Rama margarine on your breakfast toast. Improve your breakfast routine for a healthier, happier you.