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Four Reasons to Love Omega-3s

If you’ve ever wondered what your kids need to eat more of, it’s probably omega-3s Why? Well, because omega-3s are unbelievably good for the mind and body, making them an important part of every child’s diet.

It’s more than likely that you’ve heard about these awesome fats before, so we’ve decided to break down four bite-size benefits for you to digest.

1) It’s Easy to Find

Omega-3 is available in different foods. From sardines to pilchards, salmon, nuts, vegetable oils and spreads like Rama Margarine. So, it's really easy to add to your family's food.

2) Can’t Do it Alone

The body doesn’t naturally produce omega-3s, even though it’s such an important fat. This is one of the main reasons kids need it in their diet. Make sure they have all the omega-3s they need to help them grow healthy minds and bodies.

3) It Improves Their Memory

Researchers at Oxford found that children with lower intakes of omega-3s struggle to read and remember their schoolwork. But, their memory improves when those essential oils are increased in their diet.

4) It Helps with Behaviour

Omega-3 oils have also helped children struggling with behavioural issues, easing emotional and social distress. This was achieved when a small part of their diet was changed.

To improve your family’s Omega-3 intake, make sure you keep them fed with a helping of Rama Original - it’s choc-a-block full of Omega-3!