Rama Margarine | Fat The Good and The Bad

Fat: The good and the Bad

What You Need to Know

Fat is rather remarkable and is far more important for your body than you know. It feeds the body with energy and helps your cells grow – these are two essential benefits, especially for growing kids. But, you need to know the good fat from the bad, to make sure your family doesn’t have an unhealthy diet. Here’s how you know the difference:

The Good Guys

Good fats are known as unsaturated fats (polyunsaturated, monounsaturated), and are famous for helping lower cholesterol levels and preventing heart disease. These fats come in all sorts of different foods, and also have a variety of different effects on the body. A shining example of these fats is omega-3 fatty acids. An essential part of any diet, it is extremely good for the mind, physical growth and overall development. Some of the foods you can eat to increase your family’s omega-3 fat intake are pilchards, sardines, nuts, seeds, vegetable oils and RAMA Original - made from these important vegetable oils.

The Bad Bunch

These are the fats you need to avoid or conversely eat in moderation. Known as saturated and trans fats, they are infamous for increasing your chances of developing heart disease. A rule of thumb for avoiding these fats is to steer clear of deep fried foods, pastries, pies & animal fat. All of which are no good. Another way to cut the bad fat out of your diet is by checking the ingredients on your food before you buy it. Look for the words, ‘partially hydrogenated’. Anything with those words on the packaging you should really stay away from. Enjoy a varied diet with different kinds of protein, veggies and grains to make the most of your daily diet.