FAQ: Your Rama Product Questions Answered


What does Taste the Love mean?

As Moms and Dads we show our love for our family through the food we make … and by making sure it’s tasty. No matter how simple the meal, even the simplest sandwich is an expression of our care, attention – and affection! It’s how we say “I love you” on a plate. And because of you and Rama, your family will taste the love in every bite.

Is Rama a Butter or a Margarine?

It’s neither! Rama Original and Rama Spread for Bread are both a fat spread because they have a high “good fat” content. This also makes them more versatile so you can add delicious taste to every dish – whether you’re cooking, baking or simply spreading on a sandwich.

Has Rama changed its fat content?

Yes. We reduced the fat, but kept all the taste! We relaunched Rama with a new recipe that reduced fat from 80% to 70% to improve the overall nutritional profile of our product. Omega 3 and 9 vitamins were also added for more nutritional benefits.

What is Omega 3?

It’s an essential fat which means it cannot be produced by the body but is needed for normal growth and development of children. We generally do not have enough Omega 3 in our diets. So we've included Omega 3 as part of our recipe for Rama Original Bricks, Tubs and Sachets. Nutrition plus taste – so everybody wins.

Is Rama suitable for vegetarians or vegans?

Rama is perfect for vegetarians but may not be suitable for vegans as it has whey powder, which is dairy.

Does Rama increase cholesterol?

Rama does not contain cholesterol. Please consult with your doctor, should you have any cholesterol concerns.

What are good fats?

These are unsaturated fats (polyunsaturated, monounsaturated) that help lower cholesterol and prevent heart disease. The best example is Omega 3. An essential part of any diet, it is extremely good for the mind, physical growth and overall development. Some of the foods you can eat to increase your family’s Omega 3 fat intake are pilchards, sardines, nuts, seeds, vegetable oils and Rama Original – made from these important vegetable oils.

What are bad fats?

Fats you need to avoid or only eat in moderation. Known as saturated and trans fats, they are infamous for increasing your risk of heart disease. Avoid these fats by not eating deep fried foods, pastries, pies and animal fat, none of which are good for you. Check the ingredients in the food you buy. Avoids foods with the words ‘partially hydrogenated’. Enjoy a varied diet with different kinds of protein, fruit, veggies, fats and grains to make the most of your daily diet.

What is the Rama school programme?

An initiative to ensure children know what a Good Breakfast is and how it benefits their bodies. Get involved by helping your child with the fun exercises or share your input and questions by visiting the Facebook page @RamaSouthAfrica.

Why is breakfast important for children?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – it gives kids the get-up-and-go energy they need and should be eaten an hour after waking. It kick-starts their brains, and helps them concentrate in class throughout the day. Make sure your kids also get their nutrients from lunch and dinner but never skip a nutritious breakfast.

What would Rama recommend for breakfast?

A balanced diet from all food groups. As an example, toast with Rama, fruit, and tea with milk is a delicious, nutritious breakfast, full of energy and has a good helping of nutrients thanks to Rama.

Why is Rama an essential part of breakfast?

Rama is a tasty fat spread with 9 vitamins and Omega 3 needed for your child’s growth and development. Rama provides necessary nutrients plus makes meals delicious too!

I am looking for a job. Are there employment opportunities available?

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I am looking for a sponsorship, can Rama help me?

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How can I bulk order Rama?

Send your request with your contact details to our Consumer Care department or use the Contact Us form.